Welcome to the “Journal of Acupuncture and Herbs” (JAH), the international journal of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with ISSN 2001-371X!

The journal, jointly sponsered by Medfors Sverige and Hunan University of TCM, was registered in Sweden in 2012 and is currently preparing for the first publication in 2013. We warmly welcome any original, creative articles in the field of TCM.  You can contribute a manuscript either in English or in Chinese. Chinese manuscripts will be translated by our English editor. Excellence is our standard!

Currently we have eight different columns:
  • Theoretical exploration. Elucidation, and profound discussions on the TCM theory.
  • Clinical research. Research done according to modern epidemiology, such as randomized controlled clinical trials (RCT), pilot studies or case control studies.
  • Experimental studies. Experiments exploring the mechanisms of diseases, novel medicines,molecular level exploration or experiments based on a lab work on animals.
  • Acupuncture. Clinical experience with acupuncture, research, etc.
  • Herbs. Experiences with herbaltreatment, formula discussion, etc.
  • Tui-na massage. Contents regarding Tui-na massage.
  • External treatment. Reports on external treatments, such as acupoint application, Gua Sha.
  • Traditional Chinese life enhancement methods. About traditional physical activities such as Taichi Chuan, Qigong.

Welcome to submit your manuscript by sending a WORD format file to jah@medfors.com.

Here is a brief introduction to JAH in Chinese version.



    欢迎访问综合性中医药学术期刊—-Journal of Acupuncture and Herbs(JAH)!

    杂志系由瑞典Medfors出版社与湖南中医药大学联合主办,国际标准刊号ISSN2001-371X. 杂志于2012年注册于瑞典,目前正致力于准备第1期的出版。我们热烈欢迎任何中医药领域的原创性、创新性稿件。杂志的语言为纯英文。您可以投中或英文稿件。  “内容优秀”是我们的唯一标准!

    1. 理论探讨  对中医理论的阐述、发挥、争鸣等;
    2. 临床研究 按照现代临床流行病学研究原则,严格设计的随机对照临床试验、队列研究、病例对照研究等;
    3. 实验研究 基于动物实验的疾病机理研究、药物研究、分子机制研究等;
    4. 针灸聚英 关于针灸的临床、科研及理论探讨的相关内容;
    5. 方药园地 关于本草植物、复方制剂等的研究;
    6. 推拿按摩 与推拿按摩相关的临床报道及科学研究;
    7. 外治研究 与外治(如穴位敷贴、刮痧)相关的临床报道及科学研究;
    8. 养生研究 养生保健的功法介绍、机理研究等。


    欢迎您投稿!请将原稿以WORD格式寄往编辑部邮箱 jah@medfors.com. 也欢迎您注册后直接通过快捷通道或在后端上传文件。